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About Quoteburst

Quoteburst Insurance Software was created for Agents by an Agent in 2007. With Quoteburst you will be able to reach more prospects in less time.

Quote more. Sell more. Stress less.

Quoteburst Has 3 Products Available

Quotes Leads List

Quotes Internet Leads

Requote Saved Quotes

The History Behind Quoteburst

Quoteburst was founded in 2007 to address the unique marketing needs of insurance agents. In 2007, Bruce Thompson, an Allstate agent, joined forces with Stephen Bentley, a software engineer, and set out to make quoting easier for other agents.

The first product they designed automatically pushed bulk leads through the web-based quoting system and produced mass quotes for direct mail. This product is now known as Dynamo. The second product, Typhoon, became available the following year and became an instant hit with agents using Internet leads. That same year, Quoteburst introduced Flashback. This product allowed agents an easy way to retrieve old quotes from the web-based system and requote them. Recently, Quoteburst introduced another product: Qblife, which automatically generates bulk life quotes for agents.

Today, Quoteburst continues to be an essential tool for every agent that wants to use technology to run a smoother, more efficient office.